How long do points stay on the driver's record in


In Florida, the driver's license points for traffic violations stayed on your record for three years or 36 months.  Any additional violations resulting in points add to any points a driver already has on their record.

Each violation has a corresponding number of points assigned to it.  An example is, speeding adds three points to your record, while reckless driving adds 4. 

12 points in 12 months result in a 30-day suspension of your license.  24 points in 36 months result in a one-year suspension.  

Termination of driving privileges.

Your driver’s privileges can be terminated if you commit 15 violations or three major offenses in five years.  There are other reasons why your license can be revoked.  See the Official Driver License Handbook for additional information.

Minors have special rules on driver's license points in Florida.

Drivers under 18 years of age have their point system.  The points are the same, but if they receive more than six points in a year, their license is automatically restricted for one year!

During the day, they can continue to drive for business purposes only during the restriction.  Business purposes include work and school.

90 Days for each additional point?

Any additional points during the one-year period extend the restriction by 90 days per point! 

How can I keep points off of my driving record?

If you have received a traffic ticket, you have 30 days to respond to the court clerk in the county where you received the ticket.  

  1. You can pay the ticket and avoid points by pledging to take a driver's improvement course within that period.  You can take the course once every 12 months or five times in your lifetime.  If you elect to take the basic driver improvement course, you must pay an election fee to the clerk of the court.

  2. If you have too many points or have already taken the safe driving course, a second option is to go to court and fight the ticket.  This is a viable option for many reasons, since numerous variables involve the stop and ticketing for violations.  We recommend having a criminal attorney experienced in traffic violation defense represent you.

  3. You can pay for the ticket, admit guilt, and accept the associated points.

Your choice should be based on your records, finances, and car insurance.  Consult with a traffic violation attorney if you have any doubts about your rights.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety sponsors an Online Traffic School. There are several schools to pick from, but you can find another popular traffic school here.

They have a 4-hour basic course, an 8-hour judge-ordered intermediate driver improvement course, and a 12-hour advanced driver improvement course.  They also have a 4-hour traffic law and substance education course.

The 4-hour traffic law and substance abuse course. (TLSAE)

There are situations where drivers may have to comply with a court in order to meet the requirements to apply for a hardship license after a license suspension if drugs or alcohol were involved in the traffic violation.

Learn more about the TLSAE course here.

Mature Driver Program in Florida

For Florida, the state of mature drivers, there is a driver's safety course for seniors.  The course may help reduce your auto insurance rates and is applicable for 3 years.  Check with your auto insurance company first for the specific dollar amount of the rate reduction.

How can I get a suspended driver's license reinstated after a DUI?

Once you've been arrested for a DUI, you'll face challenges that can interfere with the reinstatement of your license in the Florida Court System and the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

It is likely that if you've been stopped and arrested for DUI in Florida, your license will be suspended before your case is taken on by a judge or prosecutor.  

Learn more about the ten-day rule for the driver's license reinstatement for DUI.

What should I do if I get a traffic ticket?  Do I need a lawyer?

Before you decide on your course of action, we suggest contacting an experienced traffic violation defense attorney.  We all worry about costs, but a free consultation doesn't cost a dime.

An attorney can navigate the courts and ensure you have the best outcome possible.  The Law Offices of Edward M. Pazica have been defending people for more than 25 years in Pinellas County, Florida.

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